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HST 2020

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An Evening with Sam Shepard


“I Lost Track of Time”


Limited Season 3 nights only!!!

25, 26, 27 March

A Celebration of the Writings of Sam Shepard

Since its inception 10 years ago, Human Sacrifice Theatre has been Melbourne’s leading exponent of classic American Drama, particularly the works of Sam Shepard. 


 “I wish every American play we staged here was performed with this level of assurance and flair … the cast delivers an acting masterclass.” Cameron Woodhead - The Age

The extracts presented in this unique entertainment include his early Off-Off Broadway period when the plays were often performed against an aural background of hard rock music, the award winning family dramas, personal observations and movie scripts.

Woven through these works is an original music score which pulses with the rhythms of Sam Shepard’s writing.

He was an artist ‘who never ceased to grow, to explore, to confront and to listen to new music.’

Reads by:   Chris Edmund

Featuring:   Mark Diaco, Faye Hollander, Michael Argus, Lee Beckhurst, Lily Hall, Linc Hasler, Liza Meagher, Nicholas Jaquinot with Kevin Summers and Lee Mason

Music by:  Richard Brownlee

Sound and Vision by: Marshall White Lighting by Lucas Silva-Myles

Directed by David Myles


I wish every American play we staged here was performed with this level of assurance and flair - The Age

The Long Red Road is a play that sneaks up on you and finally grabs you by

the throat

- Stage Whispers


Worth the wait

- Theatre Press

HST has built a reputation committed to telling truthful human stories. Their timely return to the stage offers this NEW WORK originally directed by the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Set in the heart of America, "The Long Red Road" - a Native American term for the journey towards redemption and inner peace - is the story of Sam and Bob, two brothers struggling to move beyond years of anger and resentment. The women in their lives also seeking resolution and Sam's young daughter desperate to reunite with her father, leaving Sam to decide if he will face his demons and those he  left in their wake.


Brett C Leonard offers a story of the wandering journey through the desert of self destruction and the six tormented souls that charter the territories known as The Long Red Road.

Produced through special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc. New York


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