Tape (HST)

Tape (HST)

Tape (HST)

Mark Diaco - Vincent
Mark Diaco - Vincent

Tape (HST)

ROOM 32, Motel 6, Lansing, Michigan. Vincent, a volunteer firefighter and small time dope dealer, has made the trip to catch up with Jon, an old high school pal he hasn’t seen in 10 years. Jon is an upcoming filmmaker having the premiere of his film at the Lansing Film Festival.

As the two reminisce about past times, one significant unresolved issue comes up about Vince’s ex-high school girlfriend Amy, who is now a district attorney.

Did Jon ‘date-rape’ Amy?

Tape puts a friendship between two male buddies and a woman they once loved under a microscope and examines how the passage of time can distort memories.
No two perceptions of the same event are ever identical.


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Press & Reviews

a perfect fit for the range and raw energy of its actors ... READ MORE - The Age


The cast of three is strong ... READ MORE - The Herald Sun

7 - 24 June 2007

Chapel off Chapel (Loft)

Stephen Belber’s

Morgan Dowsett

Mark Diaco / Vincent
Justin Hosking / Jon
Alexis Porter /  Amy

Carla Wilkie / Stage Manager
Rokk Lattanzio / Light & Sound
Carlie Devine / Set Design
Justin Templer / Set Builder
Saul Good / Visual Effect
Costas James / Artwork support
Paul Fisicaro / Web Design
Dark Miaco / Scenographer
Krik Wahusen / Photograph



Mark Diaco

Justin Hosking

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