AFTER 30 PIECES OF SILVER and almost 2000 years of damnation. The trial of the Bible’s most notorious sinner is up for an appeal. Set in a time-bending world between Heaven & Hell, this Court-Room drama - The Last Days of Judas Iscariot... is in session.


Figures such as Pontius Pilate, Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud, Saint Thomas and Satan are sworn in to testify, in the trial of: God & the Kingdom of Heaven & Earth versus Judas Iscariot.


Judas is in Hell and remains in a catatonic state, while in
purgatory lawyers litigate and dissect the stories that
surround history’s most infamous betrayal.


Wild, funny, shocking & passionate, THE LAST DAYS OF
JUDAS ISCARIOT dares to ask “those questions” & more...


In the end, when all is said and done, this engaging piece of
theatre will leave you thinking about betrayal, remorse and
compassion at its simplest and most
human level.


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Press & Reviews

Chantelle Jamieson / Saint Monica
Chantelle Jamieson / Saint Monica
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Adam Mattaliano / Greg Pandelidis
Adam Mattaliano / Greg Pandelidis

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

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The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

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Bruce Kerr / Judge Littlefield
Bruce Kerr / Judge Littlefield

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

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The theatre company has assembled an excellent cast, twenty-seven strong ... READ MORE - Australian Stage


... HST deliver an ambitious, probing and diabolically entertaining production.... READ MORE - The Age


And the verdict? It's quite worth you heading on down to purgatory to see for yourself.  READ MORE - Arts Hub


12 - 30 May 2010



Fortyfive Downstairs



Stephen Adly Guirgis



David Myles



Bruce Kerr / Judge Littlefield

Linc Hasler / Judas Iscariot

Christine Moffat / Sister Glenna

Holly Shanahan / Cunningham

Mark Diaco / Satan

Izeqiel McCoy / Jesus

Richard Neal / Sigmund Freud

Kristof Kaczmarek / Caiaphas

Daniela Cristea / Mary Magdalene

Chantelle Jamieson / Saint Monica

Justin Hosking / Butch Honeywell

Gail Beker / Henrietta Iscariot

Kevin Summers / Saint Thomas

Fabian Lapham / Matthias

Greg Pandelidis / Saint Peter

Ali Spartels / Loretta

Frances Hutson / Mother Teresa

Ross Black / Simon the Zealot

Lily Hall / Gloria

Adam Mattaliano / El-Fayoumy

Patrick Williams / Pontius Pilate

Peter Stratford / Uncle Pino

Pier Carthew / Bailiff

Rowan Freeman / Roman Solder

Clayton Bitaks / Roman Solder

Troy Larkin / Roman Solder



Lucas Silva-Myles / Light Design

Remy Le Beau / Set Design

Richard Brownlee / Score

Seismo Niven / Score

Dark Miaco / scenographer



Mark Diaco

Linc Hasler
Justin Hosking

Thanassi Arthur Panagiotaras

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd. London